S51087TA206765_c_24.1S51087TA206765_c_24.1Jean-François  L’Archevêque Montpetit studied civil law at University of Ottawa as well as University of Montreal, following university studies in communications and journalism at University of Quebec in Montreal, preceded by a College Degree in Arts & Communications at Rosemont College. He obtained a civil law licence Magna Cum Laude from University of Ottawa in 2012 and came back to Montreal to practice law, opening up his own law firm in 2013, under the name JFLM. Jean-François also obtained a real estate agent licence in 2015 as well as a lobbyist certification in 2016.

After 7 years of civil litigation, mostly in real estate and business law, Jean-François is now concentrating in corporate management of family businesses. In 2019, he plans to apply for a masters degree in business administration to acquire new skills which will benefit his clientele.